1.Fresh Water Generator for fresh water cooling diesel engine

■ Principle

ISF-type FW Generator is designed to produce fresh water from sea water.
This generator produces fresh water by evaporating and condensing sea water, and it uses the engine jacket water as the heat source.
While a vessel is sailing, it uses main engine to produce fresh water and also, while a vessel is in port, it uses auxiliary engines. After all, sea water is evaporated by the heat which the coolant contains, so it can produce fresh water economically, because it does not need additional heat source.
The coolant passes through the heat exchanger to transmit the heat needed to evaporate sea water. After transmitting heat, it returns to the engine.
When the generator operates, the inner parts will become vacuum, so sea water can easily evaporated in lower temperature and become vapor. The vapor become water drops by the refrigeration from the cold sea water.
When the water drops are collected in waterspout under the condenser, they are sent to the fresh water tank.
If the salinity of the produced water exceed the limitation, solenoid valve will go into operation to prevent the inflow of the water with high salinity.
In conclusion, the produced water's solidity content is less than 10ppm, which is very pure, and also the produced water is soft water, so it can be used in the ship properly.

■ Structure

ISF-type fresh water generator consists of main body, a distilling condenser of cooling tubes and a mesh separator in the upper part and a heater tubes in the lower part.
Moreover, ejector pump, distillate pump, air ejector, brine ejector, control panel and salinity indicator panel are furnished.

■ Characteristics

Il Seung Fresh Water Generators are produced with SUS316L to prevent corrosion caused by sea water.
The material of the heating tube bundle and condenser are copper-nickel tubes expended into a tube plate of naval brass at each end.
This plant can be delivered after fixing all the attachments and its shape is so simple and weighs so light that it is easy to install.
Fresh water produced is extremely pure, containing less than 10ppm of total dissolved solids.
Furthermore, it tastes fresh and clean and is ideal for engine cooling, drinking, cooking, showering, all other personal use.